JM Mesolite - 2nd Magento theme by JoomlArt

JA Mesolite

Finding great inspiration from tons of good feedbacks on our first Magento template - JM Purity, JoomlArt team is happy to deliver the 2nd template of the month JM Mesolite to all JoomlArt Magento club members.

The name Mesolite sounds familiar? You might wonder whether there is any similarity with our Joomla!-based template JA Mesolite. Exactly, the whole bright looking of this Joomla! template has been tuned into Magento platform and this gets done as the conversion inquiries has been on top of our wish list for long, in particular those from users who currently use JA Mesolite.

Going with JM Mesolite, you will see our first extensions for Magento, named JM Category List, JM Product List, JM Product Slider and JM Slideshow, complementing an optimal presentation of all products to your potential customers. The JM Product Slider and JM Product List allow to display a specific range of product to localize your shop (i.e. Best buy, Top Rated, Most Reviewed groups etc.,). In the meanwhile, the Category List enables to organize static product listing with different layout configurations (setting numbers of columns, leading products, intro text per each product etc.,). Last but notably, you will find in JM Slideshow beautiful banners loaded from any specified folders.

Even though above-mentioned extensions are still on our first stage for Magento platform and surely need further updates, however, we believe that JM Mesolite is ready for a complete shop solution. See demo here.

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