JA Lime-Blog site well-tuned with JA Comment

JA Lime

Today, the second 2010 template JA Lime is out, we give it a vote for blogging sites. In majority of circumstances, you might think of other targets, but no worry, the design simplicity behind this template will be a plus, there'll be no limit to those custom need.

For a basic startup, JA Lime supports twitter streamline display (JA Twitter Module), listing of articles with featured meta word or articles from specific categories (JA Sidenews Module), latest or most read listing (JA Bulletin Module), a charming mini gallery (JA Popup Plugin) and slideshow (JA Slideshows Module).

To fill up blogging features, we builds in JA Lime demo a trial version of our brandnew comment component - JA Commentbrandnew. It brings an entire difference, powerful features such as AJAX adding comments, user avatar from several sources, comment rating, sorting options, social tools, but most important of all, a powerful spam protection. It's worth to try, isn't it? Explore our live demo.

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